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Joy Gumz
Project Management Kitchen
International Master's program in "Project management" Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
Project Management is one of the fastest-growing and most popular areas of business education. It is especially relevant during financial crises and times of limited economic resources. Project Management's answer to these challenges is the creation of new ideas and the application of innovative technologies in today's highly competitive economy.

The aim of this course is to provide managers with skills and expertise to formulate and execute the best possible response to project, communication and risk management. Project Management is highly relevant today with the rising challenge of effective management of projects in the communities, public projects as well as private projects. It is designed to evolve critical thinking and practice in international and industry specificProject Management.
MSc in Project Management is meant to prepare highly-qualified specialists in one of management's most in-demand areas today, as well as to help develop strategic-thinking skills and the ability to accept and implement strategic decisions in varied contexts. The program will also teach students effective management skills for both Russian and international projects.

The managers will acquire a balanced blend of quantitative and qualitative tools through theoretical and applied instructional methods. They will learn to initiate, manage and drive change through the usage of financial and business competence. This approach to project management has proven to be practical and effective in the world's leading companies.

Key advantages and elements of the program:
  • A broad understanding of project management including its current tools and techniques;
  • Earning International Certification PRINCE2®;
  • An understanding of implementing change through projects;
  • The program has a strong business focus and aims to provide knowledge in other areas of business too (strategy, HRM, organizational change, marketing, planning & control, leadership etc.).
Through simulated case studies, the students learn how to successfully plan, manage and deliver projects. They will also learn how to implement project management processes, develop leadership skills and respond to real-world scenarios.
A Master's Degree in Project Management is ideal for managers who want to "juggle three balls – TIME, COST and QUALITY". It is good for people who want to obtain or expand existing knowledge of project management, motivate people and achieve cost-effective results. If you are full of energy and enthusiasm then Project Management is the right course for you. We develop your career….

Dr. Mitali Mittra
MA, MBA, Ph.D Program Director

International Business Environment
Corporate Finance (Finance for Multinational Companies)
Managerial Economics
Operations Management
Principles of Project Management-PMI ® PMBOK® and Agile
Statistics and Business forecasting for Project Managers
International Business Development
International Marketing for Project management
Personal and professional Development
Information management (SPSS training)


Team Building
Presentation Skills
Case Study Analysis
Project Simulation Games


Change Management in companies — Projects
Cross-Cultural Management
Strategic Marketing
HumanResource Management in Global Context
Supply Chain Management
Value Based Management
Theory of organization and organizational behavior
MS Project
Project Management — Prince 2


Group Project: Strategic marketing
Small projects and presentations (PM courses)

Project management: Culture and Change
Global Problem (Overview of International Business)
Risk in Project management
Public Speaking Training
Project Financing
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Project Management


Thesis Methodology
Global Leadership in the Age of Change
Strategic Project management
Project Portfolio and program Management
International Business Communication for project Managers
Strategy of Entering New Markets
Project management- Industry Best Practices
Management Graphics




(Program Director)
Ph.D, M.A. in Political Science, M.A in Russian language, CIM Marketing (Cambridge, UK), MBA (Kingston University, UK)
(Kingston University)
DBA; Hon.PhD, BA (SocSc); MSc (Eco from LSE);MSc (ManSc)
(Professor from Lille University, France)
PMP, PRINCE2™ Trainer, MSP™ Foundation, PMC, CCT, Master in Business Studies, Master in Project and Programme Management.
(Kingston University)
BA (Sheffield), MSc(Econ- LSE), Dip(Ed), D.Litt Moscow), FRSA
PhD, MA, MSc, Lecturer at Kingston University
Vice President, Moscow Project Management Institute
PhD (Yale University- Yale School of Management), Director of Leadership Programs at Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology. MKVD, MK ACT
Owner of
Chief Investment Strategist в Centmillion AG.
Associate Professor at IBS-M. The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration
PhD in Economics; BA (Strategic Management), BBA
Director of Strategy and Organizational Development. Member of Management Board at Cherkizovo Group, OJSC Harvard Business School, MBA - The Sellinger School of Business & Management, US
General Director for PM Expert Company PhD, MS (System Analysis and Information Systems), PMP- PMI Certified
BA Oxon., MBA INSEAD, M.Sc. Econ. LSE, Ph.D. RAE (h.c.)
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Tuition costs 900,000.00 rubles for 2 years. Payment is divided into four semesters.

The most qualified students will be awarded scholarships covering from 30% to 50% of tuition costs. Grants are provided by respected Russian and international corporations.
  • scholarship support covering 50% of tuition fee,i.e. 112500 RUB per semester
  • scholarship support covering 45% of tuition fee,i.e. 123750 RUB per semester
  • scholarship support covering 40% of tuition fee,i.e. 135000 RUB per semester
  • scholarship support covering 35% of tuition fee,i.e. 146250 RUB per semester
  • scholarship support covering 30% of tuition fee,i.e. 157500 RUB per semester
Sponsorship grants may be awarded to both Russian and foreign students.
The cost of individual program units and semesters is determined as a proportion of the entire program's cost. Scholarships are not given for individual program units, semesters, or courses.

  1. Admission to the program is based on the following elements:
  • An application to RANEPA's Rector
  • Passport as proof of identity and citizenship (original or scanned copy)
  • Six 3*4 photographs
  • A university diploma (applicants must have a state-approved degree or higher education, such as a bachelors or masters degree)
  • A university transcript
  • A purpose statement of 1000-1200 words in English .
This is your opportunity to tell us about yourself: What is motivating you to study at our Academy. Describe the reasons for your interest in our courses, which emphasis you want to choose, and why. Write about your ambitions, hopes, life experiences, and inspirations. We encourage you to take your time on this assignment as it should be logical and narrative. Be open and reflective. Be confident and express yourself openly and honestly.
  • CV(resume) in any form
  1. An language test that measures your competence in English. Students must score a high intermediate to be considered for the program.
TOEFL (IBT) scores not lower than 80, IELTS not lower than 6. Those students who have earned a bachelors or masters degree in English are not required to submit TOEFL/IELTS scores.

  1. An interview and test with a member of Admissions Committee.
Dates and deadlines:
Application Acceptance date: From 15 May 2018
Entrance Exams: Starting from 16 June, 2018
Application acceptance:
May 15th – September 7 , 2018

Entrance examinations: from June 5, 2018.
English Language Testing:
1. 16 (12.00-14.00), 21 June (16.00-18.00) 2018
2. 17 (12.00-14.00), 21 (12.00-16.00), 28 (12.00-16.00), 31 July (12.00-16.00) 2018
3. 4 (12.00- 16.00), 11(12.00- 16.00), 16 (12.00-16.00); 24 (12.00-16.00), August 2018
Interview with Examination Commitee
1. 26 June 2018;
2. 18 ,23,30 July 2018;
3. 6, 10, 24 August 2018;
4. 8 September 2018

Applications will be accepted from May 15 – August 14, 2018
Admission notification will be no later than 3 weeks after the documents are received.
Required documents:
  • An application to RANEPA's rector
  • Passport as proof of identity and citizenship (original or scanned copy)
  • A university diploma (applicants must have a state-approved degree or higher education, such as a bachelors or masters degree)
  • A university transcript
  • A purpose statement of 1000-1200 words in English
  • CV(resume) in any form
  • Medical examination test (original report + translated to Russian)
  • HIV/AIDS test (original report + translated to Russian)
  • TOEFL (IBT) scores not lower than 80, IELTS not lower than 6. Those students who have earned a bachelors or masters degree in English are not required to submit TOEFL/IELTS scores.
  • Six 3*4 photographs
The International English-Language Masters Program accepts:
Citizens of the Russian Federation
Citizens of former Soviet republics
Foreign Students who have successfully earned either a bachelors or masters degree
High-intermediate English proficiency is necessary.
If you want to get information about the program and free activities for students, please fill out the form.
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The image that has been crystallized in my mind from being studying, living, acting and experiencing life in Moscow is now part of my personality… I've met different people from different countries, so our academy is amazing place for experiencing new culture. First when I arrived I thought that probably I am going to have problems related to registration but everything was gone so fast and I appreciated so much! Our coordinators are available all the time for us whether in office or through internet channels, which is a dynamic and effective way to reach not only them, but even lectures, sharing documents, presentations and exams, and this is exactly what the student needs. This is my second year of being study at the international program of master in Project management. To be honest I graduated from faculty of pharmaceutical science and pharmacology, and my friends in the program they were in shock when they knew this, because its completely different field of science. However, I faced experienced professors specialized in their subjects, so they introduce for us the concepts in a way that you can combine the whole image of understanding because we're dealing with theory that we can find it wherever you go but its existed in a practical way. Our program is blend of concepts and prospective that you have to get in touch with it in order to reach the gate to enter local/international, new/existing market. I guarantee that even if you have no previous knowledge about it, then you'll be surprised by your understandings at the end of the second year. We've got in touch with project management principles and techniques which is the beating heart of our program and our professor introduced it in a unique way but it would be much more effective and efficient if we implement more practical… You're going to deal with highly experienced professor whom I found the perfect synergic between theoretical and practical life in supply chain management which is the supporting skeleton of any business. Subjects related to marketing strategy and project marketing will give you the exact cosmetics that your business needs when you will implement it in the market. These subjects will reformat your way of thinking and making decisions in business world in order to let your projects reveal in proper way in international markets.

Othman Ali, Syria, Project Management- 2nd year-2016
My name is Alena Chato, I am a student of the second year master's program. My profile is project management. In 2014 I successfully graduated RUDN University. Faculty of Tourism, Hospitality and Restaurant management. After graduation, I decided not to stop and continue my education. Already have received higher education, I was able to objectively assess their capabilities, and to compare them with the needs directly with their personal and course requirements that dictate a modern market. For a long time choosing a place of training, received positive reviews from friends, my choice became RANEPA. Now I can confidently say that I was not mistaken, since this is the educational program meets all of my requirements. Over the past two years of my training, I had the privilege to study and work with a wonderful faculty. All teachers are professionals and practitioners, which is a huge plus. All items that I have studied at the academy, meet international standards and requirements. This master's degree in addition to core subjects directly related to project management I have successfully studied business disciplines from different spheres of activity that definitely shaped my outlook. Undoubtedly you can not keep silent about the workshops and thematic assignments. You will not believe, but to take exams can be really fun and unusual. Most of the credits and the final work, we passed in groups, which helps in the formation of interpersonal relationships and build team spirit. Separately want to say about our administration, although I do not like this name. Since first day these people became for me and my classmates friends and family during these two years. Honestly I did not think to say that the curator or the Dean may take care and help their wards 24/7. And it's not only a student's life. The doors of our administrative office are always opened for us and for our problems. And it's not just empty words, I can tell you for sure. A year ago, I became a mother, and this is the best thing that could have happened to me. I firmly decided for myself that I want to study up to the end. But to combine study and looking after the child is terribly hard. To be honest I have visited several times a thought of stopping the education. But my curator convinced me to continue my education and helped me to optimize the learning process. And for that I want to say great thank you to my Mitali and Margarita. I got a real great pleasure from learning and, most importantly, the masters program helped me to build the correct form of thinking and gain the necessary knowledge and skills. Sure I want and I will recommend RANEPA to my friends and acquaintances, as I am absolutely convinced that following this educational program, they will get a high-quality education and great experience.
Alena Chato, MSc Project Management

Studying International Project Management (M.Sc.) in RANEPA was an awesome experience for me. From the management board of the academy to the hostel staff, I enjoyed the good atmospheric welcoming every day and I always felt at home. As a foreigner, I did not lack or miss anything in terms of relating or making friends. The conducive environment offered me opportunity to learn better and associate with diverse multicultural students from different Countries of the world. Working in teams in the programme enabled me to meet and do school work with different people of different academic background and we really exchanged ideas, shared knowledge and discussed better. The dean and the energetic director of Project management ensured that we enjoyed very good and experienced professors from different parts of the world. And this is one of the reasons studying here is worthwhile and internationalized. The immeasurable knowledge transferring and teaching styles of those professors are recommendable. RANEPA is a place to be because students receives supports that enhances their studies and stay. Students enjoyed good benefits from unique facilities like the gyms, theaters, computer rooms, well organized modern teaching aids and coordinators who assist to make sure everything one needs is in place. It has been really wonderful experience to be in the academy.
Donatus A. Okpara, Nigeria, M.Sc., Project Management, 2016
By the end of July 2015, I had 4 admission offers from Australia, the United Kingdom, Russia and Poland. After careful thinking, I opted to accept the offer to study Project Management at RANEPA. Looking back today, I have no doubt that I made the right choice. It has been a truly remarkable experience studying at one of the best universities in Eastern Europe, and learning from a mix of globally renowned scholars/Professors and hugely successful business people, who have made learning practical, intellectually rigorous and fun at the same time. I have also been privileged to study with an incredible group of students who come from several continents and make every class session a multicultural experience. Furthermore, the organization, composition and structure of the courses, which covers all areas of management, including: Financial Management, Change Management, International Business Management, Human Resource Management, Organizational Management, Global Marketing, and Project management itself, have made studying this program an immensely excellent decision, and one I am grateful to have made.
Michael Olumekor, Nigeria, M.Sc Project Management Stage 1- 2016

My name is Diana and I'm a second year student of MSc Project Management. MSc Project Management course gave me the opportunities and knowledge I was certainly looking for during 1,5 years after getting my bachelor degree in Economics. Knowledge and expertise of the best professors from all over the world together with their business experience helped and motivated us to learn so much during these two years. This program differs from any other you can find at other universities in Moscow and gives you an absolutely new experience, especially after bachelor degree. Forget about boring non-stop lectures! Here you will get not only theoretical base, but practice as well. Classes are organized in such an interactive way that you always find yourself involved into group works, discussions, business case-studies and debates each time learning something new. During these two years we studied hard working in groups, developing projects, making market screens and creating , generating new ideas and implementing learned business models , trying to think "out of box". What we have as a result are: developed skills, business-oriented practice, valuable and up-to-date gained experience and learnings, and we also discovered talents and skills we were even not aware about! During the program you can easily implement all gained knowledge and experience at work, business and even daily life, because the experience and knowledge of leading projects and making them work efficiently can be impelemented into any process. Among the benefits and advantages you get from this programs is, certainly, great language experience: imagine, how impressively you can improve your English studying two years at English program and communicating with students all over the world. And, of course, the last but not the least important part of this program are people: administration, professors, students. You find yourself becoming a part of a big friendly family, surrounded by people, who are always ready to help you and motivate you. We found friends among students, administration and professors and will be happy to continue communicating with these people after graduation, no matter how far they will be. Looking back, I'm sure it was a right decision, made two years ago, to join this program, because, no doubt, it was worth doing it.
Diana Panasyan, Project Management 2nd Year 2016
I have always thought about my future, about building a career, becoming a successful person and generally finding my own path in the life. For that reason, I laid out a plan for achieving this long-term aim. After graduating as an Industrial engineer from Ecole Nationale Polytechnique of Algiers, I had a plan to enter one of the best universities for my master degree. My participation in PGLS (Preparing Global Leaders summit) Moscow 2014 guided me to discover one of the best universities in Russia and even in the world, RANEPA. With the objective of improving my skills and ambitions to become an expert in international business, I decided to continue my post-graduate studies in a globally recognized program, and I chose the MSc in Project Management at RANEPA. In all honesty, the design and structure of this program has met my interest, it has given me a chance to learn more about Time, Cost, and Quality management. I have also been able acquire knowledge in several very vital areas of management, such as Project Management, international marketing, operations management, and change management. In addition to all these fields in Management, we have also covered other subjects that provides the necessary tools to support our core management skills in making the best decisions. We have covered other areas like financial management for multinationals, data Management and statistical analysis, etc. The professors and instructors employed by RANEPA, both Russians and internationals are top notch and truly experienced individuals who know their subjects extensively and have passionately studied their fields. Furthermore, this program offers you the opportunity to study Russian language for free, 6 hours per week are offered in order to improve our Russian language abilities. Moscow is a truly amazing and unique city. Like any other huge city, there is no shortage of museums, restaurants, clubs, concerts and events to attend, but in Moscow things are just different. The history and vitality of the city really comes through and can make just walking down the street a fascinating and fun experience. Really, everything about the city is amazing except the winter which might be a bit tough.

Imadeddine Aziez, Algeria, Project Management 1st year 2016
Program Director Mitali Mittra
+7 (495) 434-36-00, +7 (916) 674-69-85